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Stearic acid intermolecular forces

Stearic Acid C. , octadecanoic acid), offer the possibility of additional London dispersion forces – This type of interaction is a form of van der Waals forces and is present in all compounds. 10. 2. Solid soaps usually consist of sodium salts of fatty acids whereas liquid soaps usually are potassium salts of …

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b) Manufacture of soaps and detergents. c) Softening water in paper making. d) In textile industry. e) In oil refining. Benefits to the Economy. 1. Has led to growth of Magadi town ship. 2. Has led to development of social amenities such as hospitals and schools and water from Oloibortoto River which has benefited the local people. 3.

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The Atomic Theory goes farther to say that there is a difference between elements and compounds. Atoms are the smallest particles of elements. Since there are about 100 elements, there are about 100 kinds of atoms. Atoms can join together in many combinations to form molecules. If the atoms of a molecule are the same, the substance is an element.

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When attraction between the solute and the solvent is stronger than the attraction of either substance for itself, the principle applies only imperfectly. FTP, name this principle of chemistry, which states that the mole fraction of a solvent times its vapor pressure in a pure …

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